So, fitness. It’s easy to make with the tunnel vision and think of fitness only in terms of going to the gym. But sometimes, fitness starts before we even get around to talking about food and movement.

When I injured my knee (inflamed patellar tendons are the business) and saw a doctor (after an accidental two-year hiatus in medical care), the doctor asked if we could run some blood work. He was treating my knee without trying to blame it on my weight, so even though I wasn’t sure how I felt about him, I agreed and showed up the next day to offer up three fresh vials of the red stuff.

I hadn’t been feeling great. I’ll be honest — because honesty is important — and tell you that I figured part of it was because I wasn’t as active as I had been in the past. My day job and my freelance work mean a lot of time in front of the computer; trying to maintain relationships in person eats up the rest of my less-than-ample spare time. While I love the gym, I love spending a little time in the evenings with my dog and my husband more.

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