Emphasis mine:

While I never say “never,” the likelihood of a transgendered lead character is so slim as to be invisible.

Here is why. I support myself with my writing; I do not have the luxury of writing books for special-interest audiences. In my limited experience,

This sort of thing always pisses me off from a social justice perspective but it also INSULTS ME AS A READER. I mean, seriously, Lackey is assuming a lot when she assumes that cis readers would BE BORED by a trans narrative. What the hell is that? If it’s a boring read, it ain’t because trans characters are by default boring - it’s because she tends, magical sparkleponies aside, to write really whiney characters. Vanyel isn’t whiney because he’s gay - he’s whiney because HE IS A WHINEY PERSON.

Oh, Mercedes Lackey, this is fail.

Man, I’ve been reading science fiction and fantasy since I learned how to read. I’ve been relating to characters who were not at all like myself for just that long. I think pretty much everyone else who isn’t a white male has been doing the same because, you know, science fiction and fantasy have been written from one perspective for a really long time. CHANGE IT UP. I’m tired of reading the same damn story.

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    I recall seeing it a while back, and I also recall her being much, much more nuanced than this excerpt...
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    Ugh. UGH. Thanks so much, Misty, you sure know how to make a person feel weird and freaky.
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    ^ EXACTLY. Lol at cis douchebags making me even more in the mood to work on my comics that actually feature trans people
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    Oh, ML, I am disappoint. I was so influenced by Vanyel’s trilogy as a kid—I can honestly say it changed my life. Why are...
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    Everything I’ve heard about Mercedes Lackey is true. ._. Why would anyone in the spotlight with a (dying, potentially...
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    I’ve never heard of this writer until right now, but HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I do not have the luxury of writing books for...
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    Gosh wow it’s like trans people AREN’T EVEN REALLY PEOPLE AT ALL they’re just REALLY BORING TROPES THAT A ‘NORMAL’...
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    Isn’t she notoriously poor about portraying the queer community? Am I thinking of someone else?
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    I’ve read a lot of Mercedes Lackey. I mean a lot. Like, most of what she’s written a lot. And I actively look for LGBT*...
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    It’s always amazing to me how fantasy fans and fantasy authors try to dismiss their bigotry based on the genre. I mean,...
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    Dear Mercedes Lackey; The amount of time that I spend whinging about my gender difficulties boils down to around thirty...
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