Ah, the Uhura hate has begun in anticipation of the new movie.

While I admit, because almost anything is possible in this world of ours (and Star Trek helped teach me that), there might be some valid reason for disliking what Abrams has done with the character, I feel pretty safe in saying this:

If you hate Uhura and talk about wanting her to die in the new film? 

You are no kind of Trek fan. You might also be a terrible person.

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    Uhura is awesome. Period. The end.
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    Wait, what? Why? I don’t even… but I love her. I have loved her since TOS. Is it because she’s Spock’s girlfriend?...
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    I absolutely do not understand how anyone could object to Uhura’s characterization in the reboot franchise. She is...
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    Yeah, wishing a WoC character dead is icky on a lot of different levels. Like, what’s your reasoning? Why do you hate...
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    I don’t even care about being open minded and accepting other opinions and view points and whatever if you hate Uhura,...
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